Unfold Research

Unfold Research is a community-driven publishing platform, with the goal of becoming a go-to knowledge repository and a collaboration hub for researchers.

The core of the platform is the ability to post different types of content, and to link them together. On top of that, there is voting and review mechanics. Every item of content can be reviewed, and items and links between them can be voted on by the users. This helps filter heaps of content and rank it, and makes sure that you can trust the selection. The more points a user earns, the greater the privileges it unlocks on the platform. This further improves the quality of the content and trust by making sure it comes from respected and skilled individuals.


Most people are familiar with how broken and overwhelming academia is. We're trying to change that. There are two categories of problems that we are trying to fix:

  1. There are the first-order problems that need addressing, i.e. delivering to people doing science what they need to do their work. This refers to the ability for people to find and access what they need, to achieve what they are trying. Roughly, it comes down to the technical capabilities of the system to provide functionality that is required.

  2. There is a matter of making an entire academic industry a more pleasant place, so it's a matter of distributing work and resources, fair valuation, and aligning incentives.

Here are some of the things that we're trying to improve:


Dragan Okanovic / founder


Stage 1: Solving problems with immediate value for researchers that don't alter their usual workflows drastically. Such is content discovery and consumption of the materials. In this stage, we'll be developing the core of the Unfold Research.

Stage 2: Creating a suite of services and tools for researchers, librarians, investors, companies, journal and conference managers and organizers. Our goal in this phase is to offer alternative experiences that create frictionless workflows that deliver extended value and enable different groups of people to work together seamlessly.

Stage 3: Disrupting the academic business model. We strongly believe that there are far better and more fair ways to distribute resources, and in this digital age we have an opportunity, and a duty, to implement them; and our goal is to create a path to achieve just that through Unfold.


Simply put, this is our vision for Unfold Research and what it could be:

A place where science lives.

We want to offer everyone a place with hiqh-quality content and services that you can rely on, with quick access to research, data and projects that you can trust, and a collaborative, ego-free, welcoming, meritocratic community working with one and only one goal in mind - to do good science (and enjoy while doing it).

We want to build an environment that allows you to feed that ever-burning internal curiosity, the very thing that motivates you and makes you "a researcher", and we want to make that experience and process as streamlined and as pleasant as possible.

Upon encountering a need to learn something new, finding a related work and gauging its quality and sentiments around it, understanding if something is practical and if it was tried before, when needing a quick proof of concept or looking for the experts in a certain field... we want Unfold Research to be the first thing that comes to your mind.

We fully realize the difficulty and the amount of work and responsibility associated with our vision and goals, but that is something that we prepared to commit ourselves to, and we're in it for the long haul. We want to work together with the community of people that we're trying to serve, to learn more about their specific needs and to help them advance science as best we can.



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